Insurance Ellenville NY

Introduction to Sprague & Killeen, Inc


Sprague and Killeen opened its doors as an independent insurance agency in 1867, in a community like hundreds of others across America. The kind where most folks knew their neighbor’s names, stopped to lend a hand where needed, and cared about the people they lived near and did business with. Sprague and Killeen was then and still is today an agency committed to small town American values.


We’ve seen a lot of changes in the world since 1867 – the birth and evolution of the automobile, the airplane, man walking on the moon and the age of computers. And like the world around us, we’ve grown and evolved too.


At Sprague and Killeen, Inc., we’ve embraced all that modern technology has to offer to provide you with professional and efficient insurance service and guidance, yet we haven’t let go of the personal commitment and values that we were founded on. We have expanded a bit too. Sprague & Killeen is licensed and doing business in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.