Business Insurance Professionals     

 Choosing a professional agent is an important consideration when purchasing business insurance. Insurance agents serve as an intermediary between the insurance company and the insured. Sprague & Killeen is an independent insurance agency, which means we work with a variety of different companies to provide the best coverage suitable for your needs with a competitive price.

 At times it makes sense to combine all coverage with one company and other times it makes sense to place different coverage with different carriers.As an independent agent, we have the ability to act in our clients best interest and place coverage with the carriers that will best suit their needs for their unique situations.Insurance is personal and necessary for the protection of your future.

Business Insurance Policies   

It can quickly become confusing and/or overwhelming when considering the types of policies your business needs.Many times insurance is required and other times it should be considered necessary.An easy way to help determine what coverages are most important to your business is by this simple rule.All business insurance policies cover one of four things: property, liability, people or income.

Property: The property used in your business such as the structure you do business in or the vehicles used in your business need to be protected. Property encompasses buildings/structures, vehicles/auto, business personal property/contents, equipment/inland marine.

Casualty/Liability: No one is perfect, your business may make a mistake and, especially if your business is open to the public, there is always the chance your business will be held liable for an injury or error. Liability policies protect against being held liable for an error or injury. Types of coverage include General Liability, Premises Liability, Products & Completed Operations, Personal & Advertising Injury, Errors & Omissions, Directors & Officers, Employers Practices Liability, Professional Liability, Law Enforcement Liability, Public Officials, & Excess Liability/Umbrella coverage.

People: At the heart of every business are its people. You and your officers, managers and employees are the company’s greatest assets and must be protected. People can be protected by Workers Compensation policies, Disability policies, and Accident & Health policies.

Income: Without income the business does not survive. In the event of a catastrophe, a Business Interruption policy can provide income or allow your business to be set up in a temporary location to earn income.

By preparing a list of property, potential liabilities, people and income categories for your business you will be able to wade through most policy descriptions and get a good overall sense of what types of policies you will need.

Allow Sprague & Killeen to act as your trusted advisor and help design an insurance program that best suits your needs.

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